All of our products are made with high quality ingredients and made to order. Our macarons are naturally gluten free!


Artisan means hand crafted, quality ingredients, and traditional methods. We love our craft!

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King’s Crown Bakery Team Specialty Baker

Cassandra Barillas

I’ve figured out the secret of life: butter. My travels have taken me though many twists and turns, but I’ve finally found my way to Pagosa Springs, where I hope to build a foundation with the secrets I’ve learned. I’ve always been fascinated by regional confections and the stories they tell. From the Austrian Sacher Torte (the perfect blend of sweet apricot and dark chocolate) to the French Macaron (a lighter than air crunchy-chewiness with a stunning visual appearance), I aim to bring specialty treats to Pagosa so you can enjoy them along here in the beautiful San Juan Mountains.